Review by Linnea ‘LiteralGrill’ Capps

Long Way Home is Gre7g Luterman’s 5th adventure written in the Hayven Celestia Universe. It’s also his first Hayven Celestia book with an erotic focus. Here’s your big warning that this review discusses adult content only suitable for those 18 and older!

With that out of the way, this story follows Jungo, a geroo on the cusp of adulthood still battling with raging hormones who has decided to leave his family farm to take a tour out in space. What looks to be only a two-year adventure quickly turns out to be a 10-year stint. After some shenanigans involving a pirate crew, the trip keeps becoming longer and longer. Despite this book being erotica, Gre7g has once again created a story clearly worth following. All ‘reading it for the plot’ jokes aside, this is truly a great piece of fiction all on its own which expands the Hayven Celestia universe in an interesting way. I wasn’t quite sure if it contained spoilers from Rick Griffin’s stories after Traitors, Thieves and Liars (Finals Days of the White Flower II) as Gre7g does have a mention at the beginning of the book that some canon things may be different between them as they write but just in case the far off ending for that series might have been alluded to in these pages.

So does the book keep things hot and spicy despite the well written story? The answer still remains a yes! There’s M/F scenes, M/M scenes, and certainly a big moment with group sex! Did I mention there were zero gravity scenes? Because there’s some really creative zero gravity scenes. All of these are accompanied by gorgeous pieces of art by H. Kyoht Luterman which bring these scenes to life in a wonderful way. Geroo anatomy being different from humans, it was interesting to explore something foreign yet still written in a way to make even a human like me understand why a geroo would be excited over these different parts they might be dealing with. The other species included, the ringel, are a bit more like humans and easier to follow while also having an insatiable appetite for sex.

This book captured my imagination so much I read it in a single day while being very happy I could do so in the privacy of my own bedroom for what might be obvious reasons. Gre7g has once again written a phenomenal work of sci-fi, and I hope to see him continue trying his hand at more adult works in the future. I would recommend this to any fan of sci-fi, especially fans of the Hayven Celestia universe, that would enjoy something to fire up their naughtier side.