Review by Linnea ‘LiteralGrill’ Capps

Published by Red Ferret Press with editing by Weasel and Thurston Howl, Knotted Volume II features eight different authors all covering curious and kinky stories featuring furry characters. Here’s your big warning that this review discusses adult content only suitable for those 18 and older! With this in mind, let’s get a look at the stories.

“An Object Lesson” - Rechan

When I picked up this book, I’m sure I had plenty of ideas on what might comprise a kinky anthology, but this story managed to subvert my expectation in a fantastic way. The focus of this story is not about having sex itself, but actively being unable to have sex but still wanting to emotionally fulfill a partner. "An Object Lesson" shows a side of kink that you don’t always get to see, and I absolutely admire it for doing so. It may not have gotten a fire burning like some of the other stories did, but I don't think it was meant to. It left a deeper emotional impact than expected from the average erotic story, and it should be highly praised for doing so. “Buzzed” - Thurston Howl

This story might be a bit shocking: pun seriously intended. How much excited tension can be built when you’re going to be surprised by some kinky sex? What happens when you’re tied up and suddenly realize your prostate is about to be zapped into orgasmic bliss? If the answer is you get incredibly excited, this story is likely for you! Though I’m not sure about such heavy inebriation when managing e-stim play like this, I can understand the fantasy fueling it easily. For sure a read for those that love a bit of zap in the bedroom!

“All Work and No Play” - TJ Minde

Nothing like a bit of sci-fi technology to make for a sexy scenario to explore. We’ve all heard jokes about how to think with portals, but this story takes it to a whole new level. I’ve read plenty of stories with a remote-controlled vibrator, trying to take a phone call during sex, things like this. It’s ramped up to a spicier level when there’s a literal portal so you might have your dick touched, sucked, or more at any moment even if no one around you knows it’s happening. Definitely a hot read! “The Br’er Necessities” - BanWynn Oakshadow

I have to be honest, this story just wasn’t a hit with me. I couldn’t really focus on what might be a hot story while trying to sift through that language and the uncomfortable feelings surrounding the presentation of black stereotypes this style of writing seems to evoke. However, I must also be honest and say it was written quite impressively to look like what you might expect out of a classic Uncle Remus story but in a more adult content. While this story isn’t for me I still can admire it succeeding telling the story it wanted to tell in the style that was intended.

“Gift of the Goddess” - Mog Moogle

On the surface, it might seem like someone who has a lot of responsibilities in life and is in control or large projects would seem like a likely dominant in the bedroom. However, as this story shows, usually those that bear the most weight need a bit of time where they must worry about nothing but pleasing a mistress.

I loved seeing what looks to be a timid mouse putting a lion king through his paces like this. It was a strong story that certainly kept me both intrigued and excited throughout.

“God’s Plan” - Tyson West

In good erotica, there is not just a sexy scene but a strong plot surrounding it. This story does that in spades. There’s a lot of built-up shame and confused feelings for those whose lives are firmly embedded into religious lifestyles. I wasn’t sure something like this could turn into a good sexy tale, and I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. It’s not often a piece of erotica is going to also provide a lot emotionally to ponder over after reading. This story manages to do just that!

“Centerpiece” - Madison “Makyo” Scott-Clary

This may have been my favorite story in the anthology. It not only thoroughly describes setting a scene, consent checks, and everything else that makes for a great kinky experience but also is tantalizing. It gives a wonderful look into subspace and helps draw you into it as you read. After all of the build-up, you’re left with nothing but a sexy tease. Even the story itself leaves on a naughty dominant note! I’ll likely be reading this one again. For purposes that you might suspect. “Short Staffed” - Televassi

For some, a scene or a moment with a dom is when they can truly feel free, feel like themselves, and feel so shame. (Unless humiliation is your kink, but that’s not quite the same.) For this stallion, recently free from living in the Soviet Union and in a state that recently has made sodomy legal, there’s a lot of things that they want to express and explore. Thankfully a wonderful dancer at the club they work at named Yvetta decides to give him a personal dancing lesson. One that involves a little less dancing and a bit more hot action. This story is quite poetic to end on, as you finish the book the last characters you read in it are just about to begin a grand adventure. Such a good read!


Knotted Volume II has a wide variety of stories in enough settings that there should be something for anyone to enjoy that wants to feed their kinky side. The stories on these pages brought me some personal pleasure from reading, if you catch my drift. I have to recommend this one to anyone wanting something a bit spicy to read either by themself or with a partner. Who knows what naughty ideas you might want to try after giving it a read?