Bold indicates a recipient. Non-bold typefaces indicate a nomination.



Red Pandamonium (Chaos Menagerie, #1) by Roan Rosser

Full Circlet by Frances Pauli

Scars of the Golden Dancer by NightEyes DaySpring

A Furry Faux Paw by Jessica Kara

Lost Inside the Blue Line by Harry A. Wozzeck

Toledot by Madison Scott-Clary

Mouse Cage, by Malcolm F. Cross


The Otter’s Wings: A Labyrinth of Souls Novel by Mary E. Lowd

Royal Red: A Cozy Fantasy Adventure


ROAR 11, edited by Ian Madison Keller

When The World Was Young, edited by The Furry Historical Fiction Society

Short Stories

"Octopus Ex Machina" by Mary E. Lowd

"What Gold Smells Like" by Frances Pauli

"Let Him That Speaketh Fate to Men Have No Fate Of His Own" by Rob MacWolf

​"Lids" by Utunu

"Mark of the Stranger" by Casimir Laski

"Vagabond" by Tiberius Rings & Fruitz

"Hanging by a Thread" by Nenekiri Bookwyrm


"The Homecoming of Daniel Usherswell" by Rob MacWolf

“In the Night Among the Cedars, In the Shelter of the Mountain” by Rob MacWolf


“Furry Fiction: The Squishy Edges and the Heart” by Mary E. Lowd

Book Covers

ROAR Volume 11, by Fresaboba

Mouse Cage, by Pye Parr

When the World Was Young, by Heskynn



The Captain's Oath by Rick Griffin

​Legend of Ahya: Target of Interest by Matthew Colvath

Freedom Ring by Frances Pauli

The Entropy Fountain by Mary E. Lowd

Starwhal in Flight by Mary E. Lowd

Throwback by Frances Pauli


Carnage by Weasel

The Bee’s Waltz by Mary E. Lowd


Shark Week, edited by Ian Madison Keller

Sam Digger: Beaver Detective by Ian Madison Keller

Difursity 2 by Weasel

Short Stories

"The Squirrelherd and the Sound" by Emmie Christie

"And the Red Dragon Passes" by Emily Randolph-Epstein

"Crystal Fusion" by Mary E. Lowd

"Colored in Sepia" by S. Park


Furry Fiction Is Everywhere: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Anthropomorphic Characters, by Ian Madison Keller and Mary E. Lowd

Book Covers

Freedom Ring by Ilya Royz

Starwhal in Flight by Luciano Fleitas

The Entropy Fountain by Luciano Fleitas

Beneath the Suit by Tabsley


Disbanded, by Frances Pauli

Entanglement Bound, by Mary E. Lowd

Qoholeth + Gallery Exhibition, by Madison Scott-Clary

Fox Spirit: A Two-Tailed Adventure, by Amy Clare Fontaine

Whip and Boot, by Herr Wozzeck

Ritual of the Ancients, by Ian Madison Keller

Symphony of Hunted Truths, by Leilani Wilson


What Makes a Witch, by Linnea Capps

Rightful Salvage, by Frances Pauli

Spin the Bottle, by Dajan Tafari


Difursity, by Weasel

Selections of Anthropomorphic Regalements, vol. 1, by KC Alpinus

Sensory De-tails, by Thurston Howl

Burnt Fur, by Ken MacGregor

OhMurr, by Weasel

The Haunted Den, by Tarl "Voice" Hoch and Thurston Howl

The Electric Sewer, by Thurston Howl

Short Stories

"The Battler" by Cedric G! Bacon in Even Furries Hate Nazis

"The Fire in Her Claws" by Mary E. Lowd in Daily Science Fiction

"Paths" by Kyell Gold in Sensory De-tails

"Water" by Utunu in The Voice of Dog

"Summer Strawberries" by Mary E. Lowd in The Voice of Dog

"Loving You is Wrong" by NightEyes Dayspring in The Voice of Dog

"Ember in the Night" by BanWynn Oakshadow in SPECIES: Wildcats

"Sharp" by Thurston Howl in Electric Sewer

"Keep Breathing" by Karter Mycroft in Zooscape

"Too Much Play" by TJ Minde in Give Yourself a Hand

"The Pine Lesson" by Ian Madison Keller in Ironclaw: Book of Legends

"These Are the Days of Our Lives" by Weasel in Sensory De-tails


"On Meeting My First Fur" by Chazz Chitwood in Furry Slut


"Furry Erotica and Pornography: Art, Sex, and the Self" by Katav in From Paw to Print

From Paw to Print, compiled by Thurston Howl

Book Covers

Disbanded, by Ilya Royz

Once Broken, by Nomax

Selections of Anthropomorphic Regalements, vol. 1, by Jonas Jödicke

When a Cat Loves a Dog, by Idess

Furry Slut, by Jessica Hart

Fox Spirit: A Two-Tailed Adventure, by Paola Tuazon

Purrgatorio, by Joseph Chou


Fair Trade by Gre7g Luterman

Akela by Ben Goodridge

The War and the Fox by Tim Susman

Symphony of Shifting Tides by Leilani Wilson

Blood in the Mist by Josh Vogt

Traitors, Thieves, and Liars by Rick Griffin

Tales of the Para-Imperium by Joel Kreissman

The Student, Vol. 3 by Joe Sherman


Nexus Nine by Mary E. Lowd


The Furry Cookbook edited by Thurston Howl

Foxers or Beariefs edited by Thurston Howl

Patterns in Frost, vol. 3 edited by Tim Susman and Dark End

The Rabbit Dies First edited by Ryan Campbell

FANG 10 edited by Sparf and Kyell Gold

The Jackal Who Came in From the Cold edited by Adele Wearing

Tri-Galactic Trek by Mary E. Lowd

Thrill of the Hunt edited by Rechan and KC Alpinus

HEAT 16 edited by Alopex and Dark End

Short Stories

"The Brand Thief" by Dookfiend

"Bourbon Jack" by Linnea Capps

"Swallowed by the Sea" by Ocean Tigrox

"Dance with the Devil" by Jessica Paddock

"Night's Dawn" by Jaden Drackus

"Swipe Right, Now What" by MythicFox

"An Orange by Any Other Name" by Watts Martin

"Timeless" by Mog Moogle

"Ecto-Cafe" by Mary E. Lowd

"Painting the Prince" by Undying Reverie

"Bucking the Trend" by Madison Keller

"Otter Dance" by Frances Pauli

"They Demand Tribute" by KC Alpinus

"First" by TJ Minde


"Untitled Haiku" by Mog Moogle

Book Covers

SPECIES: Otters by Kippy

Tri-Galactic Trek by BlackTeagan

Traitor by Ilya Royz

Furry Trash by Ifus


The Demon and the Fox, by Tim Susman

Heirloom of the Rusks, by Lucas D'Aquina

Wonder Engine, by Ursula Vernon

Small World, by Gre7g Luterman


The Snake's Song, by Mary E. Lowd

Queen of Arts, by Frances Pauli

Silence of the Dragon, by Madison Keller


Infurno, by Thurston Howl

Typewriter Emergencies, by Weasel

ROAR 9, by Mary E. Lowd

Dissident Signals, by NightEyes Dayspring and Slip Wolf

CLAW, by K.C. Alpinus

12 Days of Yiffmas, by Thurston Howl

Furry Trash, by JFR Coates

Short Stories

"The Promise," by TJ Minde, in HEAT 15

"A Road of Dust and Honey" by Searska GreyRaven, in Dissident Signals

"Smokey and the Jaybird," by Slip-Wolf in CLAW

"Roses," by Searska GreyRaven, in CLAW

"House of Hares," by Madison Keller from Slashers

"Wing Day," by Mary E. Lowd from Daily Science Fiction

"Damned If I Don't," by Thurston Howl from Slashers

"Saguaros," by Watts Martin in ROAR 9

"Resistance," by David Sula in ROAR 9

"No Dogs," by K.C. Alpinus in ROAR 9

"Not All Dogs," by Mary E. Lowd in Dissident Signals

Book Covers

Heat 15, by Maquenda

Cold Blood: Fatal Fables, by Lew Viergacht

Purrfect Tails, by Monori Rogue

Furry Trash, by [unknown currently]

Slashers, by Stedilnik


Imperium Lupi, by Adam Browne

ReWritten, by Jako Malan

Kismet, by Watts Martin

Jackalope Wives and Other Stories, by Ursula Vernon

The Tower and the Fox, by Tim Susman

GENMOS: Gathering Storms, by Stephen Coghlan

Always Gray in Winter, by Mark Engels

Otters in Space 3: Octopus Ascending, by Mary E. Lowd

The Wayward Astronomer, by Geoffrey Thomas

The Student, by Joe Sherman

Thousand Tales, Learning to Fly, by Kris Schnee

Griffin Ranger 2: The Monster Lands, by Roz Gibson

Black Dust, by Invisible Wolf and Achilles

Mist, by Amy Fontaine

Where Werewolves Fear to Tread, by Alan Gordon


Jazz at the End of the Night, by Weasel

Dragon Fried Cheese: Dragonsbane Saga Book 3, by Madison Keller

Matriarch: Elephant vs. T-Rex, by Roz Gibson

The Earth Tigers, by Frances Pauli

Intimate Little Secrets, by Rechan

Pride of Parahumans, by Joel Kreissman

Dubiously Canon: Sinful Behavior, by Rukis


Bleak Horizons, edited by Tarl Hoch

Passing Through, edited by Weasel

Seven Deadly Sins, edited by Thurston Howl

Civilized Beasts II, edited by Weasel Press

Dogs of War, vol. 1, edited by Fred Patten

ROAR 8, edited by Mary E. Lowd

Symbol of a Nation, edited by Fred Patten

Short Stories

Crossroads the Namib, by Jako Malan (from Symbol of a Nation)

When the Paint Dries, by Rechan (from Intimate Little Secrets)

The Lion of the Low Countries, by Huskyteer (from Symbol of a Nation)

Personal History, by Tim Susman (from ROAR 8)

To the Victor the Spoils, by Ocean Tigrox (from HEAT 14)

Moon Like an Unhatched Egg, by Mary E. Lowd (from Symbol of a Nation)

The Moon Fox, by Amy Fontaine (from Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores)

Tucked Away, by E. S. Lapso (from ROAR 8)

Shells on the Beach, by Tom Mullins (from Dogs of War, vol. 1)

Empty, by Faora Meridian (from FANG 8)

Reflections, by TJ Minde (from FANG 8)

Castle Phoenix, by Greyflank (from ROAR 8)

Behesht, by Dwale (from ROAR 8)

Repository, by Hypetaph (from Seven Deadly Sins)

One Alien's Wreckage, by Mary E. Lowd (from Daily Science Fiction)


A Deafening Dirge, by BanWynn Oakshadow (from Civilized Beasts II)

Top to Bottom, by Mog Moogle (from HEAT 14)

Unbroken, by Televassi (from Werewolves Vs Fascism)

The Natural Order Disordered, by J. J. Steinfeld (from Civilized Beasts II)


Furries Among Us 2, edited by Thurston Howl

Furry Nation, by Joe Strike

Furry Fandom Conventions 1989-2015, by Fred Patten

The Leo Awards’ goal was to highlight exceptional works of literature in the furry fandom. The Award would be given to those works who passed a benchmark score by our judges. This meant that there would not be one singular “best” work in each category.

Past categories included Novels, Novellas, Anthologies, Nonfiction, Short Stories, Poems, and Book Covers.

Novels here were defined as anything 60,000 words or more. Novellas were anything published by itself but less than 60k.

Eligibility for Nomination:

  • Either the author or the publisher had to identify openly as furry
  • The work itself had to be at least arguably furry and have been marketed to furries (although not necessarily exclusively for furries)
  • Had to have been published in its first edition in the year of the award
  • Had to have been published in print; OR, if in digital format only, it must have been for a paying market or be available for sale online (in the case of an eBook)

Who Got to Nominate?

  • Anyone who had published a novel, two stories, or three poems; also, anyone who had edited an anthology (nominations could not be of their own work or of an anthology that included their work; same goes for a publisher or editor of a work) (story writers could nominate other stories in an anthology that included their work, but not their own story and not the anthology itself)
  • Any reviewer in the Furry Book Review program
  • Nominators could only nominate one work for each category

How Did Voting Work?

  • There would be a 5-10 person panel made up of equal parts (or very close to equal in the case of an odd number) of furry writers and non-furry writers (If part of the task of the Leos was to showcase furry literature to people outside the fandom even, then there had to be non-furry writers who also see the quality in our work.)
  • The people in the panel would vote on the works to be showcased in each category. A work would have to receive two-thirds of the votes in order to pass the bar and receive the Leo.​

Who Gets to Vote?

  • Judges must had published works (similar to nominating criteria). Review copies would be provided.
  • Judges would have to read ALL nominated works, so they had to be able to read works in two to three months. They had to specify that they were able to read this amount in their emails.
  • Judges could have nominated works, but they would simply not be able to vote on those. Because this award did not limit the "winning" to just one person, this kind of judging did not cause any competition between a judge and other nominees.