Review by Mamma Bear

Ian Madison Keller’s award-winning dragon series is now available in one big omnibus edition. The four-book series follows a dragon hunter, Sybil and her sometimes dragon boyfriend Riastel, as they search for a way to break the dragon’s curse and free him from the spell of an evil sorcerer. The stories are fun, light-hearted, and full of adventure, and now they’re all in one neat package full of new extras.

The Dragonsbane Saga omnibus edition is published by Thurston Howl Publications and contains all four books in the series. In addition, it is beautifully illustrated with black-and-while line drawings, contains a gorgeous full-color map of Keller’s world, and two bonus stories.

There is a prequel short story for each of the two main characters, offering a peek into the backstory of the unusual but perfectly matched couple.

The Dragonsbane Saga omnibus is a beautiful collector's edition that will be a must-have for fans of Sybil and Riastel. The bonus materials are fun, and the whole book is well put together into a fantastic dragon-heavy package. For dragon fans, Keller fans, and fantasy aficionados, the collection will fast become a treasured addition to the bookshelf.