Review by Mammabear

Octopod! Is the weirdest book you’ll ever love.

A gripping, fast-paced romp that is part Jumanji and part chick-lit style romance, the novel features 35-year-old Liz Curley, who buys a very special video game for her nephew’s birthday and is quickly consumed by a growing obsession with its villain. When her fantasies about becoming an Octopod begin to have real-world consequences, Liz seeks the help of her family and friends, which is a great idea until they all get sucked into the video game and a land peopled with avians, octopus people, and irresistibly sexy deities.

Though I do love some a game story, I’m not usually the target reader for erotic content. Octopod!, however, drew me in and held me until the very last page. It is sassy, snarky, and sexy, filled with lovable characters, adorable monsters, a little humor, and a ton of fun. The writing is solid, and the read is delightful.

If you like to walk a little on the wild side, are a fan of cephalopods, tentacles, adventure, transformation and a little chaos, Octopods! Is definitely a must read. In addition to being fast paced and light-hearted, there is a great message and a touching, if a little unorthodox, transformation.

So long as you don’t mind some adult content, this one is too fun to miss.