Review by Weasel

What kept me engaged to this book wasn’t the wonders of space pirates, or space travel, or adventures. It was the drama. Getting all the dirty info from character back stories--that’s what keeps me focused on a book. The strongest element of this book is the characters. There’s such a rich history for the folx you meet when reading. The author is phenomenal at creating complex, rich, relatable characters and it keeps you glued to the book.

Due to other life constraints and personal issues in my own life, I was only able to get through a sizeable portion of the book. All that being said, I really enjoyed what I was able to read, and I hope to be able to pick the book backup and finish it at some point. It’s rare for me to find a series that I feel like I can stick with, especially one that’s sci-fi. If I were just browsing for a book, this wouldn’t have been my first option, but I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to give this book a try, because it’s hella good.

With a book this size, I was concerned about how quickly it would move. For me, I like things to move. There are other books in this world that make you feel like you’re stuck in traffic, and The Complete Red Vixen Adventures is not one of them. I remember reading and finishing a chapter and being impressed with how fluid it was when transitioning to the next, and how swift it was. You were making progress, and the book made you feel that you were making progress. I know that might sound weird, but I’ve read some books that made you feel like you never left the last chapter.

Royce Day offers readers rich world building, fluid writing, complex and rich characters in The Complete Red Vixen Adventures. It’s a book that will keep you engaged, and one that will stay with you even after you’ve finished it. If you’re looking for space pirates, drama, adventures, and good action sequences, then I can’t recommend this omnibus enough.