Review by Mamma Bear

The third installment of the Otters in Space trilogy brings Kipper's quest to a satisfying end. Finally back on Earth, the tabby cat's return is dampened by the political situation between cats and dogs, the impending invasion of the terrifying aliens from Jupiter, and her own restlessness after living a life of adventure among the stars.

Kipper's life among the otters might have been damp and uncomfortable, but it's definitely transformed her. So when the government refused to do anything productive about the rapidly approaching enemy, Kipper takes matters into her own paws. Meanwhile, her sister fights a battle against an unjust political system, and her otter friends back on the Jovian moon race to find a solution of their own.

Octopus Ascending is a fine conclusion to the Otters in Space trilogy. My favorite of the three books by far, the conflict is well developed. The characters have really come into their own, and the plot answers all the questions posed in previous novels while introducing a few new surprises. Like the fact that the cats of Earth know far less about their own history than they believe.

I recommend the entire series for any fan of a good, fun, romping space opera, and I have a feeling that we may be seeing more in this universe, if not from Kipper herself. I very much look forward to whatever the author has in store for us next.