Review by Linnea ‘LiteralGrill’ Capps

I’m in the age group that might have found dirty magazines hidden under parents' beds before so many things went digital. Of course, I’ve also had the opportunity to see modern offerings as an adult. So the idea of a magazine styled to be something like Hustler, but primarily for furries, was a fascinating prospect to me. A project like this that could be far more diverse, queer-affirming, and kink-focused than typical offerings? Sign me right up! But did #ohmurr live up to the hype it built from its concept? Let’s look at all of the content it has to offer!

Fiction: #ohmurr’s first volume sports stories from several of the fandom’s finest authors — these stories are no “Dear Penthouse” affairs! You get to explore a wide variety of scenarios, from settling pre-flight jitters from Whiteclaw to sex on the beach (and I don’t mean the drink) from Circ. Each story presents a curious scenario with well-written furry characters. These are sexy bites of fictions that don’t overstay their welcome if you’re trying to, you know, enjoy yourself. #ohmurr’s fiction offerings are certainly worth checking out.

NonFiction:  There was one piece of nonfiction in this issue discussing Reverie’s first time experiencing an organized house party! Okay fine, this might be more of an orgy than your typical party. I could see this being not only fun and curious to read for folks with experiences in this regard, but helpful towards someone who might be curious in such an event but may be nervous about what to expect. Interviews: There are many sexy product makers within the furry fandom, but rarely do we get an inside glimpse into their creative process. This issue features three interviews with Wandering Bard, Rudderbutts, and Rogue Fang respectively. These are not only fun and informative but...

Reviews: Some of them even have reviews of their products in the issue as well! It’s fun not only learning about the companies but hearing about if their products are also up to snuff. This is the kind of thing you’d expect to see out of one of these magazines, and these recommendations legitimately may make you consider buying some of these products.

Features: Getting to sit down and look with an artist in the fandom as well as having a section specifically to talk a bit about kinky furry literature was very cool to me. This feels like something that’s more exclusive to this as a furry publication; who’s featuring "fandom" folks in mainstream pornography magazines?

Pictures: Finally, what’s a magazine without a centerfold? While this magazine may not have what you’d traditionally consider one, there’s a fantastic quantity of pictures to enjoy in #ohmurr’s inaugural issue. Not only are there lots of unique kinks on display, but also lots of gender identities and expressions able to view! Did I also mention there was a fantastic amount of different body types on offer as well? Basically, this is wonderful not only in terms of representation but also will provide something for everyone flipping through the pages.

So did #ohmurr live up to the hype? I normally wouldn’t consider picking up a magazine like this truthfully—there’s such a bounty of free content online—but #ohmurr impressed me enough that I might make an exception for its future issues. There’s such a wide variety of well-produced content with a furry focus you’re not going to find anywhere else all presented in one convenient magazine. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for something kinky, fun, and furry to read by yourself or with a partner. I’m looking forward to seeing what #ohmurr has to offer in future issues!