Review by Joel Kreissman

Dajan Tafari’s novella “Spin the Bottle” is unabashed vore erotica. If you don’t find furries swallowing one another whole and digesting them to be sexy, you should turn back now.

The book presents a world where the consumption of furries by other furries is uncommon, but not unheard of, and at this one college, one fraternity house in particular is known for parties where many guests end up in guts. Our main character, a fairly small housecat, desperately wants to be a predator, so he goes to one of the frat’s parties with his roommate who is opposed to vore. There, they get into a party game with a twist, “spin the bottle” in which the spinner tries to devour whoever the bottle points at. Who will walk away? Who becomes dinner? The bottle decides.

Now, I know this is the author’s first long-form story, and there were points where that much was obvious. After the first player gets eaten, the next spinner is selected using a random phone app, which is understandably necessary given how players kept getting eliminated, and could have played into the MC’s obliviousness to the game’s nature, but it felt like Dajan was pulling it out of his ass. SPOILER ALERT It’s also hard to see why prey anthros would willingly play the game knowing what it was, they say it’s their one possible chance to potentially be a pred for once, but we don’t see any prey species successfully eat somebody. The mouse and pig never even get a chance to spin before they’re nommed and the rabbit gags on her “prey.” SPOILERS OVER

It gives more thought to the societal implications of vore than most stories and a couple well-known webcomics, but that’s not necessarily the kind of thing you want to read when you’re trying to wank off. A bit like erotic horror really. The setting is horrific, but in a kinky way that evokes seemingly contradictory feelings in you. If you've been looking for a novel-length vore story, and I haven't seen many of those, check this one out. But if you’re not a vorearephile, this book probably isn’t for you.